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I am an Evangelist and Singer/ Songwriter. My call is to take JESUS to the highways and byways and bring REVIVAL to the church. On the streets, we combine music and Evangelism. Music will always bring people in. We need to refocus and start lifting Jesus up so all men can be drawn to Him. We need to get out of the 4 walls of the building and become HIS BODY. Doing what Jesus did. Heal the sick, pray for depressed, oppressed, and hurting people. The world needs what we have and His NAME IS JESUS.

More Things to Consider

American, or "Western", Christianity is having an identity crisis. While having so many Americans identifying as a Christian, we are seeing a significant cultural shift away from Christian values. Many "Christians" prioritize their faith behind politics, social trends, and cultural preferences. This nation needs a revival of the Holy Spirit. A revival of worship of Jesus Christ. A revival of passion and zeal for God. A revival of the Great Commission.
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Church Attendance

Church attendance for Christians has fallen below 50% for the first time in US history.

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Don't Read

As of 2021, 29% of Adults admit to never reading the bible. It was 34% in 2020.

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360 Million Christians live in countries with significant persecution.

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Believe in God

While 80% of Americans believe in God, only 56% of them believe in the God from the Bible