My Mission

As an Evangelist my ultimate goal is to bring people to Christ. To KNOW Him and the Power of His resurrection. I firmly believe if I can bring people into HIS presence through the POWER OF MUSIC I will accomplish just that. I know what a difference He makes and I just have to tell people about Him weather it’s through music or 1 on 1 evangelism. My hearts cry is SEND ME AND I WILL GO.

Where I've Been

I have traveled to Haiti, India, Albania and of course the USA. I go to several motorcycle rally’s every year with the motorcycle ministry I am part of, Chariots of Light spreading the GOOD NEWS. We always see SIGN’S, WONDER’S AND MIRACLES wherever we go. He truly is AMAZING.

Where We're Going

As we navigate through these trying times, it’s important to remember that the power of the Holy Spirit can bring hope and healing to our nation. By spreading the message of Jesus, each one of us has the ability to invite the Holy Spirit into every situation. Now more than ever, America needs individuals who are willing to share their faith and inspire others to do the same. Let us be the voice that uplifts and brings light to those who are lost in darkness. Together we can spark a movement of faith, compassion, and love that will change the course of our nation’s future.

Check out some photos from our Missions and Outreach